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Femdom hypnosis and mental domination at SpiralMe.

Imagine waking up to find a beautiful Mistress there in front of you. Your heavy penis in her hand, you breath in deep her hypnotic perfume as waves of dreamy obedience wash through you. With new trance technology and powerful Ericksonian multi-track overloads this is an experience which can be enjoyed with giddy potency. Prepare to browse some of the worlds best hypnotic domination in its most potent form.

Technology meets hypnosis.

The Femdom hypnosis mp3 sessions you will find on this site are designed to take you on journeys of vivid erotic fantasy by using subliminal overloads, hypnotic language, hypnotic triggers and associations to (with your permission) seduce you into a state of intense arousal, which can be complimented by body immobilization and temporary loss of perceived free will.

The power of vivid dream.

Erotic hypnosis is a state of deep inward focus, utilizing parts of your brain not normally active in a typical waking state.

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